Data Transmission

Due to our presence the most popular operators' and service providers' interconnections centers our company can provide high speed dedicated data trasmissions channels between POPs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main, Kyiv, London, Moscow and Warsaw.

Provision of channels for data transmission by lambda technology, SDH, Ethernet L2, in the international scale; On customer interfaces both tagged and untagged frames are accepted and transmitted unchanged up to the MTU relevant to the circuit. The transparent Ethernet service is presented on networking devices that are not aware of L2CPs from customer sites. Transmission is free from reordering.

Following protocols are transmitted transparently by default: STP, RSTP, CDP , Cisco VTP.

Fibre, SDH and PP microwave local tails are available with circuit speeds of: 100/1000 Base-TX/SX/LX (100 Mbps – 10 Gbps)

  • Data protection at the highest level due to safe and reliable communication
  • Traffic prioritization support to increase information communication quality
  • Business processes management efficiency increase
  • 7*24*365 network management, hotline service
  • Trouble ticketing, service reports

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